About Us

We listen. We care. We love what we do.

At Gateway To The Arts, our trained and dedicated staff not only strives to provide the best training for our students, we also love to watch them grow into bright, well-rounded adults.

To date, all of our graduating seniors have continued on to secondary education, many with scholarships, and 80% of those graduates have chosen to further their education in the arts in either music, music education or therapy, dance, dance education or therapy, musical theatre or theatre arts. Those students who have chosen another field of study cite Gateway To The Arts as a home away from home, where they gained confidence, self-discipline and time-management skills, self-awareness, and a family of friends and mentors who have remained with them as they’ve continued on to the next chapter in their lives.

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Christina Aloisio 

Voice Faculty

Hannah Arntzen

Dance Faculty – All Styles

Michael Restaino

Acting Faculty

Mary Mather

Voice & Acting Faculty

Audrey Klinger 

Voice Faculty

Giulia Griffith

Dance Faculty – All Styles

Kristen Hoyt

Voice Faculty

Morgan Carlson

Dance Faculty – Tap

McCall Carlson

Dance Faculty – Tap

Alfonse Napolitano

Dance Faculty

Matthew Moretta

Voice Faculty


Our goal is to provide professional instruction of the performing arts in a positive learning environment of peer and authoritative support. To do this, we tailor each class to the student’s individual abilities and interests, and create performances based on those students’ strengths and ambitions. Using innovative teaching techniques and goal-oriented performances, we develop skill, appreciation, and love for the combined arts of music, theatre, and dance. Our vocal training includes the styles of classical, musical theatre, and pop, and we offer dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics, hip-hop, pointe, and musical theatre. We also offer Acting classes and creative dance and movement for the pre-school age. We encourage students of all levels to reach their full potential, whether their goal includes a professional career on the stage, secondary education in the arts, or simply recreational enjoyment.


In memory of

Bob Gustafson 

Voice Faculty