Dress Code

  • A three-ring binder is required, and should be brought to every lesson, as well as a sharpened pencil!

    Private Voice students are strongly encouraged to obtain a recording device. This can be a digital recorder, or a recording app now found on phones and iPods. This will really help assist in students’ practice habits!

  • A three-ring binder is required, and should be brought to EVERY CLASS, as well as a pencil. (Pre-Broadway Kids students do NOT need a binder or a pencil.)

    Kids must wear comfortable clothing that they can sit, stand, and move in. Please avoid skirts and dresses, or too-tight jeans. All girls should have hair pulled away from their face.

    Black jazz shoes (or other dance shoes) are required for all Broadway Kids classes. We suggest black slip-on jazz shoes, as these are often (but not always) required for performances. (Sometimes, in performance, kids are asked to wear sneakers or other types of street-shoes, but black jazz shoes are always acceptable.)

    Performer’s prep students should wear dance shoes- no street shoes will be permitted in the studio. Jazz shoes, half-soles, or foot undeez are preferred. 

  • GIRLS:
    BALLET/TAP: All girls enrolled in Pre-School or Pee-Wee Ballet/Tap classes MUST wear a leotard and tights to class. We ask that the dance outfit be simple: One or two colors, no designs or prints, to limit distractions.
    Pink or Tan dance tights are required. (no shin-length leggings or stockings, please. It is much easier to change shoes with full-length dance tights.) Bare legs are not appropriate.
    Girls’ hair must be secured neatly away from their face, and no jewelry will be permitted. The only skirts that will be permitted are those that are attached to the leotard.
    All girls should have black tap shoes (no ties!) and pink ballet shoes.

    Girls enrolled in Pre-School or Pee-Wee Acro must wear body suits or bike shorts and fitted tank-tops– no baggy clothes, t-shirts that ride up, or anything that prohibits the teacher from safely spotting the student. This outfit would also be appropriate for the jazz portion of the Pre-School Combo Jazz/Acro class.

    For the Pee-Wee Hip-Hop class, girls are encouraged to wear leggings or joggers, a fitted-top, and “clean” sneakers or jazz shoes. 

    All boys enrolled in Pre-School or Pee-Wee Ballet/Tap or Acro/Jazz  or Hip-Hop classes must wear sweatpants or gym pants and a  t-shirt, not too baggy. Please keep colors and designs to a minimum to limit distractions. Please be mindful that socks are not too thick for black ballet shoes and black tap shoes (Ballet/Tap). Black ballet shoes or bare feet may be worn for jazz. For acro, students will be barefoot. For Pee-Wee Hip-Hop, boys should wear “clean” sneakers or jazz shoes. 
    One or two colors, no designs or prints.  This applies to all classes. Ballet skirts are permitted for Ballet class. A VERY fitted tank top is permitted for jazz class ONLY, to be worn with dance shorts and tights (see below).
    No half-tops, please!
    Tan, Black, or Pink Tights are required for all Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary classes.
    No nylons or any other colored tights, please. Leggings are not dance tights, and are not permitted. Girls must wear dance tights. “Warm-ups” and “dance shorts” may be worn at the teacher’s discretion.
    For tap classes, girls may wear leggings or fitted joggers.

    No jewelry is allowed (rings, necklaces, bracelets, or watches). Small earrings are allowed.
    Warm-ups (sweats, shorts, athletic pants, etc) are permitted in all classes  other than Ballet; However, the teacher may ask for these outer items to be removed, in order to properly address body position and alignment. Therefore, a leotard and tights must be worn AT ALL TIMES. PLEASE REMEMBER- the use of warm-up clothes is strictly at the teacher’s discretion!!
    Girls’ hair MUST be pulled back off face in either a bun or ponytail, and should be secured tightly to avoid distraction during class. If hair is too short to secure up, please use headbands or clips to ensure that hair is away from face.
    A Bun may be required for Ballet Classes. (at teacher’s discretion)
    T-shirt and dance pants or shorts (sweat pants are ok, as long as they are not too baggy.) Tights are suggested for ballet, but not required.
    Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, but be sure the teacher is able to see alignment and positioning.
  • Kids, Tweens, and Teens must wear very fitted clothing: leotard and tights, leggings and snug tank tops, etc… no baggy clothes, t-shirts that ride up, or anything that prohibits the teacher from safely spotting the student.

    Stirrup or Footless dance tights are recommended, as students will be bare foot.

    Girls’ hair MUST be pulled back off face in either a bun or ponytail, and should be secured tightly to avoid distraction during class, and for safety during acrobatic tricks.

  • Comfortable baggy clothing.
    “Clean” sneakers or jazz sneakers are recommended. Soiled sneakers will not be permitted in the dance studio.
    Please check with your teacher for further details.

  • Ballet:
    Girls: Pink Ballet Slippers with elastic SEWN ON.
    Boys: Black Ballet Shoes with elastic SEWN ON, or Black Bloch Jazz Shoes.
    For Pre-School and Pee-Wee classes, Black Tap Shoes are required for the performance. (For girls, no tied bows, please! Elastics, Velcro or Buckles Only)
    All other classes, Black or Tan Tap Shoes are permitted, but be advised, black shoes are usually (but not always) used in performance.
    Foot undeez, black jazz shoes, tan jazz shoes, half-soles, and Jazz Sneakers are permitted. Tan shoes of some style are usually (but not always) used in performance.
    Foot undeez or half-soles are recommended.
    Be sure to look through our “Shoe Donation” bin at the studio, to see if someone has donated shoes that might fit you or your child.
    Have old dance shoes? Please consider donating them to the GTA Shoe Donation Bin. We all know how expensive dance shoes can be, and we know how quickly children outgrow shoes!
    We strongly encourage all dancers to purchase a dance bag for shoes, binders and ballet skirts.