“Performance” Classes (ages 3-18) – Schedule, Registration, & Tuition

On this page, you will find a breakdown of rates for classes and lessons.

The prices listed are per 4-week session, and apply to all or our “Performance” classes. These classes run from September through June, and perform in the Variety Show at the end of the school year. Please email us for more information about the performance.

Baby, Toddler, Adult, and Art Classes are “Non-Performance” classes; These classes are either “drop-in” classes (adults) or run in 8-week sessions (babies, toddlers, kids.) Please see the “non-performance” class page for more information.

There is also a $25.00 registration fee (per family) due upon registration.

Summer Registration Days for Fall/Spring 2018/2019:
Thursday, June 28th – 3PM-8PM
Saturday, July 28th – 10AM-2PM
Monday, August 27th – 4PM-8PM

Karen & Julie will once again be holding registration days, where students and parents can come and discuss curriculum, class placement, and students’ progress.
These dates are also when Voice Lesson times are assigned.

VOICE LESSON TIME SLOTS WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED VIA EMAIL COMMUNICATION UNTIL AFTER 1st TWO REGISTRATION DAYS. Voice lesson slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
To secure a “prime” lesson time, you will want to be at the first registration day!
UPDATE: Now that our first 2 registration days have passed, we are able to schedule private voice lessons via email!

If you are not scheduling private voice lessons and you do not wish to speak with Karen and Julie directly, you can submit a registration form in the mail,
along with your $25 registration fee and your first session payment.

A minimum of four students are needed to run a class, and schedule changes may be made based on enrollment.
Class Placements can be handled via email. If you are not scheduling private voice lessons, and are simply looking for class placement, you may email the studio for the information and handle your registration through the mail. You do not need to come to registration unless you wish to speak with Karen and Julie.



“Pre-School” Classes 

“Performance Classes” for kids ages 3 yrs (potty trained) through 5 yrs.  
Classes run from September through June. 
(for more class options for this age group, please see our “Big Kid” classes!)

Registration on-going until March, based on availability

“Pre-school” Dance Classes
1 class per week: $54 per 4-week session
2 classes per week: $102 per 4-week session
(Siblings:  15-20% off)
Twins: 1 full price/1 half-price; Triplets: 2 full price/1 free
Students will participate in the June Variety Show
Pre-School Broadway Kids and
Pre-School/Pee-Wee Acting Classes
(45 minute class)
$65 per 4-week session
Students will participate in the June Variety Show

Private Voice Lessons

Registration on-going throughout the year, based on availability

Variety Show Participation is not mandatory, but encouraged – students will discuss this with their teacher.
There is also a Winter Recital for students who are interested!
1/2 hour lesson per week 
$130 per 4-week session
45-minute lesson per week 
$190 per 4-week session
1 hour lesson per week
$250 per 4-week session

Class Prices for Adult Classes and Drop-In Classes

Single Class 
5 Class Card
10 Class Card

Speciality Classes 

Our Specialty Classes require more preparation, material,
and individualized programming for enrolled students.
Students will participate in the June Variety Show.

The rates for these classes are as follows:
Performer’s Prep
(Musical Theatre for 7th-12th grade) 
$80 per 4-week session
Broadway Kids
(Musical Theatre for 1st-6th grade) 
$80 per 4-week session
Acting Classes
(3rd grade and up)
$70 per 4-week session
A Cappella Classes
(7th grade and up, enrolled in private voice)
$50 per 4-week session
Pre-School Broadway Kids and
Pre-School/Pee-Wee Acting Classes
(ages vary, 45 minute class)
$65 per 4-week session

Check out our Packages!

Singer’s Package

  • Private Voice
  • A Cappella
  • Performers Prep
Save $10/month!

Musical Theatre Package

  • Private Voice
  • Broadway Kids or Performers Prep
  • 3 or more dance classes
Save 15% on dance classes!

Triple-Threat Package

  • Private Voice
  • Broadway Kids or Performers Prep
  • Acting Class
  • 3 or more dance classes

Save 20% on dance classes!

Group Dance and Voice Classes

Registration in most cases is accepted though October.

Students will participate in the June Variety Show.
Based on a sliding scale, as a student enrolls in more group dance/voice classes, the cost per hour of class decreases.  We also offer sibling discounts.
Twins – One full-price, one half-price ~ Triplets – Two full-price, one free.
These classes include: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Hip-Hop, Kids Voice, and Pre-School Ballet/Tap & Jazz/Acro
Number of hours per week1st Student2nd Student (15% off sibling)3rd Student (20% off sibling)
45 min/wk:$54.00$45.90$43.20
1 hr/wk:$72.00$61.20$57.60
1.25 hrs/wk:$85.00$72.25$68.00
1 1⁄2 hrs/wk:$102.00$86.70$81.60
1.75 hrs/wk:$119.00$101.15$95.20
2 hrs/wk:$136.00$115.60$108.80
2.25 hrs/wk:$144.00$122.40$115.20
2 1⁄2 hrs/wk:$160.00$136.00$128.00
2.75 hrs/wk:$170.50$144.93$136.40
3 hrs/wk:$186.00$158.10$148.80
3.25 hrs/wk:$195.00$165.75$156.00
3 1⁄2 hrs/wk:$210.00$178.50$168.00
3.75 hrs/wk:$217.50$184.88$174.00
4 + hrs/wk:$232.00$197.20$185.60