Matthew Moretta


Matt Moretta is an alumna of William Paterson University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Sound Engineering. Over the years he’s gained ample performance experience singing on various stages. This most recently includes a tour through Austria & Italy with the W.P. Chamber Choir and a featured role in both William Paterson’s opera department’s rendition of “Dido & Aeneas” & Clint Edward’s original musical “Whitman’s War”. On top of this, he’s also gained lots of experience within the field of recorded music, whether it be producing, recording, or mixing outside/personal projects that have since been released on various streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube. These projects include records like Wishbone’s “Hardabee Blue”, Xander Marx’s “Land of Nowhere” and his very own EP “Point Z”. While Matt did graduate from William Paterson, he is also a proud alumni of Gateway to the Arts! He’s currently employed at Gateway as a private vocal instructor as well as one of the newest teachers in their a capella department. In addition to these titles, he offers to teach guitar for any who wish to learn. He’s more than loved his time spent at Gateway so far and couldn’t be anymore excited at the prospect of a new year!