2020 Virtual Lessons and Classes Connect with us from home!

dance at home

Virtual Private Lessons!

Virtual One-On-One Lessons in Voice and/or Dance
(private acting lessons available on a limited basis.)

Purchase a package of 6 private lessons! Mix/match genres, if you wish!

Six 30-minute lessons for $195
Six 45-minute lessons for $285
Six 60-minute lessons for $375

Email us at GateToTheArts2005@gmail.com to sign-up!

Virtual Group Classes!

Gateway To The Arts is partnering with AEV.studio to connect you with GTA staff and teachers across the country!

Pay-as-you-go classes are $10 each, and can be paid online.
Dance and Musical Theatre Classes will be available all summer long.

With this very user-friendly platform, you can sign-up for a class and pay for it online. In addition to classes from our staff, students will have access to classes with teachers from across the country!
These classes are extremely affordable, and the perfect way to keep everyone singing and dancing through the summer! They are a fantastic “break” on a hot day, or can serve as a great rainy day activity! They are not limited to GTA students, so be sure to tell your friends!
FIRST, you will want to “sign-up” and register. (This does not cost any money)
1. visit aev.studio
2. click “sign-up” (you can sign up with facebook, google, or with your email, then click “create account”)
3. You will need to verify your email address, then you can sign-in!
4. you will need to enter some basic information, then click “head to the dashboard”
5. (A tutorial will pop-up to help you learn a bit about the software, if you would like.) 
6. From the dashboard, you can view upcoming classes. To register for a class, click “sign-up.” It will give you the option to do the “spark plan” (pay-as-you-go) or the “blaze plan” (unlimited). Individual classes are only $10, so we do ask that you pay-as-you-go with the “spark plan”, as those individual payments will go directly towards paying our staff! (With AEV’s unlimited plan, it will be harder for us to keep our staff’s classes going through the summer.)
7. When you click on “spark plan,” you will be prompted to enter your payment details, which you will only have to do once, upon signing up for your first class. Once your payment information is entered, you will not have to enter it again! Then you can sign up for a class.
8. When it’s time for the class, sign in up-to 15-minutes before the start of the class, and click “join”. There won’t be a zoom link or password required – the platform is set to bring you right to the teacher. (if you get logged out during a class, return to the aev schedule and click “join” again. It will bring you right back!)
Though not required, it’s VERY helpful if you register ahead of time for a class, so the teacher knows who to expect. 
If a class is small, the length of the class MAY be shortened, at the teacher’s discretion. 
If classes continually don’t receive a lot of interest, we will not be able to continue to offer them. (So be sure to share this great deal with your friends!)
If only one student signs-in, the teacher MAY opt to cancel the class (at his/her discretion). If that happens, you will receive a credit, and the support team at AEV will sign you up for your next desired class.